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Achieve Onward serves the needs of individuals, groups, companies, and organizations seeking to Improve their efforts, experiences, and outcomes. I believe that every situation is unique, and requires an approach that is responsive, adaptable, supportive, and timely.

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By assessing the challenges and opportunities unique to  your business, I establish an approach that builds Commitment among the people responsible to serve your customers/clientele.


I foster a passion for Big Choices, with a full commitment to putting service to others as a priority that yields positive results in the areas that matter most to you.

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Copywriting, editing, and reviewing content written for online and print publications and other web-based modalities. I have written and edited items such as periodical articles; training and test preparation materials; textbook articles; policy & procedural manuals; performance evaluations; press releases; funded grant applications; program proposals; & guest columns.

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I have developed a unique and engaging approach to demonstrate the value of Putting the Team First. I work to assess the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the group, in order to develop and implement a plan of action to achieve desired results as quickly as possible.



What people are saying...

Ted offers helpful analysis with patience and clarity. During meetings Ted seems to hold his comments for the appropriate time and then offers his thoughts in a clear and concise manner. He works towards building consensus and creating purpose. He is friendly, collegial, and insightful. Ted is a great choice for leading teams, serving others, or implementing new ideas

Mitch Isaacs


Executive Director, Shafer Leadership Academy

Ted is someone you want around when you have a problem to solve. I think he actually enjoys the challenge of finding solutions to seemingly impossible problems. He diagnoses the problem and then examines how best to address that problem. If Ted is working in a group, he creates an environment where people feel safe to offer creative solutions. 

Having said all of this, what I think makes Ted different from most people I have worked with is that he welcomes feedback. In fact, he solicits constructive criticism. He is self-confident without being arrogant. We have worked together on a number of projects and I don't think there is a more capable, determined, energetic, and pleasant colleague .

Michael Brown


Chairperson, Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology; Ball State University

I found Ted to be a man of unimpeachable integrity, humility and dedication to helping people achieve their vision. It is little wonder that he receives the respect and cooperation of those around him.

Don Osborne;


Co-Owner/Principal Consultant at Think Then Lead, LLC

Ted is able to build consensus, and he is a dependable leader who shows up every day. I recommend Ted highly.

Dr. Terry Tolle,


Calmare Treatment Center

Ted made collaboration easy because he is positive, competent, administrative, and engaging.

John Teevan


Grace College and Seminary


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