About Me

I have more than 25 years of organizational leadership experience, often serving in a role of change agent with groups needing to pivot toward new strategies and practices. Having a lifelong spirit of entrepreneurship, I have enjoyed numerous ventures, including some time with ComedySportz Indianapolis (Team-Based Improvisational Performance/Comedy) – where I discovered parallels to many of the team-building, customer service, leadership, and professional development practices/philosophies I had developed and shaped throughout my professional career, public service, and not-for-profit work. These attributes continue to inform and guide my training, development, and consultant work with other individuals and organizations today.


In addition to Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) experience, I have served with several not-for-profit organizations, am a former Chief Probation Officer and President of the Probation Officers Professional Association of Indiana. Beyond my work through Achieve Onward, I currently serve in a dual role as an administrator and faculty member at Ball State University.


My personal mission statement reads: “I intend to encourage, inspire, and support growth and development among the people I influence.

C. Ted Ward, II

Business & Training Consultant

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